Control Room

Our 19' x 24' control room offers a hybrid approach, making full use of the 48-channel API Legacy Console and vintage Neve BCM10 sidecar, along with outboard gear from the names of Trident, Pultec, Empirical Labs, Universal Audio, Tree Audio and many more. The control room was designed by JSX Audio for sonic accuracy with a combination of both absorptive and diffusive materials for a recording experience of the highest class and comfort. The Ocean Way Audio system includes two HR4 speakers paired with two S12A subwoofers, and has been tuned by Steven Klein. 

We have the ability to run completely analog with our MCI JH-24 two-inch twenty-four track and  our analog preamps, EQs, compressors, and effects processors, or take a hybrid/digital approach for that vintage, analog sound at a modern convenience. Digitally, we have a 12-core 3.46 GHz Mac Pro with 64 GB of RAM. We also offer a multitude of in-the-box tools such as Universal Audio UAD-2 platform, Waves, Auto-Tune, Sound Toys, Fab Filter, iZotope, and more.