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Big Bad Sound Studio I's live room offers an open and spacious floor plan spanning 20'x38'. Attached to the main live space is an isolation booth measuring roughly 8'x10.5' with two amp isolation lockers. The 45"x50" amp lockers are accessible via input panels in both the control room and main live room. For even more isolation the kitchen, lounge and both bathrooms are wired up with headphone and microphone inputs. The live room has 40 microphone inputs with an additional 8 inputs in the booth, and 6 inputs in the amp lockers. 



Control Room : 21.5'x19'

Live Room: 38'-6" x 19'-9"

Iso Booth: 10'-6" x 8'

Amp Locker 1: 45"x50"

Amp Locker 2: 45"x50"



Recording Console

API Legacy 48-channel


(24x) API 212L

Tree Audio The Branch II

(6x) Trident A-Range (vintage)

(2x) BAE Neve 1073

(6x) Heritage Neve 1073



Universal Audio LA-2A

Hairball 1176 Rev A

(3x) Hairball 1176 Rev D

(2x) DBX 160 VU

(2x) Distressor EL8-X

Retro Instruments 176

Overstayer Audio Stereo VCA

(6x) API 225L

Neve 33609 Rev A (vintage)



(48x) API 550L

(2x) Pultec EQM-1s3 (matched)

(6x) Trident A-Range EQ (vintage)

(2x) BAE 1073 EQ

(6x) Heritage 1073 EQ

(6x) API 215L Filter

(6x) API 235L Gate

Large Diaphragm Condensers 

Neumann U67 (vintage)

Neumann U48 (vintage)

Neumann U47 FET

(4x) AKG 414EB (vintage brass CK12)

(2x) Flea 12


Small Diaphragm Condensers

(4x) Neumann km84i

Neumann km56c

(2x) Neumann m582

Ribbon Microphones

(2x) AEA R44

(2x) Royer R121

(2x) Coles 4038


Dynamic Microphones

(4x) Shure sm57

(2x) Shure sm7b

(2x) Shure sm58

Shure Beta 52

EV RE-20

Audix D6

(4x) Sennheiser MD-421

Sennheiser MD-441

Granelli Audio Labs G5790

AKG D19 BK Hi (vintage)

AKG D19C (vintage)


Apogee Symphony IO (32x32)

Lynx Aurora 16

Protools HDX Card



2022 Mac Studio M1 Ultra 20-core CPU, 48-core GPU, 32-Core Neural Engine, 128GB RAM



(2x) Ocean Way HRS-4 monitors

(2x) Ocean Way S-12a subs

(2x) Yamaha NS-10m Studio

Yamaha P2200 Amp


DI Boxes

BAE PDSI (2-channel)

(2x) Radial Pro D2 (2-channel)

Avalon U-5 

Soyuz Launcher Preamp

Cloud Lifter CL-Z Preamp

Radial JCR Reamp


Electric Guitars

1965 Gibson SG Custom

1981 Gibson Flying V

1968 Gibson ES-335TDW

1977 Gibson RD Custom

1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom

2004 Gibson SG Faded (modified)

2016 Rickenbacker 381V69

2016 Fender Telecaster American

1963 Supro Coronado II (Resoglas)

Jay Turser "The Shark"

Acoustic Guitars

1955 Gibson J-50

1970 Yamaha FG-300

1968 Yamaha FG-230 12-string

1950s Silvertone Archtop

Taylor 110 (nashville tuning)

Taylor Mini (walnut)

Michael Kelley Resophonic Dobro


1962 American Fender P-Bass Reissue



1966 Ludwig Classic Maple 22x16x13

Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare

TRX NDK Crash/Ride/Hi-hats


DW Collector's Series Maple 24x16x14

 -upon request

Guitar Amps

1972 Marshall JMP

1963 Silvertone 1484

Matamp GT1 Custom

Matamp 1224 mkII

Vox AC30HW

1970's White Tour Range (Matamp/Orange)

1994 Fender Twin Amp

1990's Red Knob Fender Twin

Fender Delux Reverb


Orange PPC 2x12 cab (vintage 30s)

Marshall 1960x 4x12 (greenbacks)

Vintage White Sound 4x12 1970's

Marshall JCM900 Lead Cab

Guitar Pedals

1970's Colorsound Supa Tonebender

1970's Ibanez Overdrive mkI

1990's Civil War Big Muff

Big Muff Pi

Big Muff Bass Pi

Earthquaker Devices Hoof

Way Huge Swollen Pickle

Fulltone Deja-Vibe

Fullton Supa-Trem

Fulltone Octa-Fuzz

Crybaby Wah

Boss OC-2

Digitech Whammy 4

Love Pedal Amp 50

Dunlop Jimi Henrix Fuz Face



Early 1900's Vose&Sons Baby Grand 5.5ft

Silver Lake Highland Park Recording Studio

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