Brian is a California native with a passion for music and he is an in-house engineer here at Big Bad. He grew up on hip hop, r&b, and latin music but welcomes every and any genre with open arms. He’s been working in music for 5 years and is knowledgeable in production, composition, arrangement and songwriting.

Danny Echevarria is an engineer and producer born, raised, and based in Los Angeles. When he isn't in the studio, he can be found chasing solitude in California's abundant natural spaces, or smoking the hell out of some pork ribs in his back yard. Danny is also a contributor to

Our Chief Engineer and co-owner of Big Bad, Zach Fisher has made music production the center of his life for the past 15 years. He started Big Bad nearly a decade ago in a duplex apartment, and has grown it into its 3rd and most current iteration. Primarily rock and live-band focused, Zach has worked with artists at all levels ranging from emerging bands to Grammy award winning and household name artists such as Weezer, Rancid, Bad Religion and more. A musician himself, Zach has a deep knowledge and understanding of both the songwriting and recording aspects of record production and can help you from start to finish with arranging, writing, producing, tracking to mixing and mastering.

Jack is who you are talking to for any  of your booking or scheduling needs at Big Bad Sound